CEIS 100 All Week Course Project




CEIS 100 All Week Course Project

CEIS 100 Week 1 Course Project
Problem Solving
• Describe a scenario where you were unable to solve a problem. What stopped you, and what could you have done instead? Did you use the five steps in problem-solving discussed in the lecture?
• How did the expert from the Meet the Expert session use these five steps to solve problems?
• How will you continue to use problem-solving throughout your professional life?

CEIS 100 Week 2 Course Project
• How would you define a network? What is bandwidth? What is a NIC? List three types of media used for network connections.
• Describe a situation in which you needed to access a network and had difficulty. What steps did you take to access the network? If you have not run across this, give an explanation of a network you used and some benefits of using the network.
• How will networking impact you in your professional life?

CEIS 100 Week 3 Course Project
Excel uses and Gaming
• Give an example of a situation for which would need a spreadsheet. How would functions be useful in your spreadsheet?
• Describe your favorite game and discuss the ways in which the game presents challenges to the player and the ways in which the player is able to solve those challenges. Provide two examples of how you would improve the game.
• How does communication and ethics impact your professional life?

CEIS 100 Week 4 Course Project
Computer Language
• Research two computer programming languages (python can be one of them) and explain what tasks the languages are best suited for and the industry in which they are typically used. Include a code snippet.
• How has mobile computing changed your life? Describe the impact of mobile computing on programming. What are some commonly used mobile programming languages?
• How will computer information systems fit into your professional life?

CEIS 100 Week 5 Course Project
Learning to code
• Study the following Python code. This code adds two numbers. Then increments each number by 1 and displays the result:
• What are the benefits of learning to program even if you are not planning on programming as a career?
• How will basic business skills play a role in your professional life?

CEIS 100 Week 6 Course Project
Programming and Electronics
• Compare programming with python and programming with scratch. Describe the same program you might create in both programming languages.
• What is a circuit? Integrated circuit? Transistor? What has been the impact of electronics in our daily life?
• How will electronics fit into your professional life?

CEIS 100 Week 7 Course Project
The Need for Electronics in a Professional Life
What is a microprocessor? Besides computers, what other products have microprocessors? What current household products that do not contain microprocessors do you think will contain microprocessors in the next 20 years? Why?
How will professional organizations play a role in your professional life?